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Tina F from Texas - AIM participant since October 2016
Testimonial provided November 2019

Tina is more focused and present and her corneal abrasions and their associated unrelenting pain went away
Tags: Corneal abrasion; Fibromyalgia; Focus; Pain; Present for life;

I met Patti M. in 2015 and we found out we had some common themes of metaphysical and spiritual subjects. She told me about the AIM Program and I read 'Sanctuary'. The previous four years I had been plagued with corneal abrasions and suffered from fibromyalgia. In 2016 I had another corneal abrasion. They are terribly debilitating. I couldn't go out without sunglasses and a hat. I had to wear sunglasses inside and missed about a month of work. The pain was unrelenting. During this time Patti put me on the AIM Program and I started getting better right away! All of my symptoms started to subside. That year was a healing year for me, physically, spiritually and emotionally. My husband of 30 years had died in 2015 and I was grieving as well.

2018 came and went without AIM but I was better at taking care of myself and I really believe the residual balancing effects of the program stayed with me. Now in 2019 I'm back on AIM and life hasn't been better! My eyes have been abrasion-free since 2016. The fibromyalgia is in remission. When it flares up I meditate more, exercise less, rest more and eat better. I believe a positive attitude is key. Patti is a powerful example of that for me. The alignment and energy balancing of AIM has made ALL the difference. I am so much more focused and able to really show up and be present for life. I couldn't ask for more.

Thank you AIM!
Tina Foster

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